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Young Deuces aka Rudy Strong/News /Young Deuces joins the cast of Glorious Wrestling Alliance


Young Deuces joins the cast of Glorious Wrestling Alliance

United Kingdom  –  Glorious Werestling Alliance (GWA) took the internet by storm when they dropped their first few panels during the pandemic.  A hilarious and intense wrestling bunch going through everyday life ina Scott Pilgirm stylize comic is what creator Josh Hicks given the world.  Since then, he has built a good fanbase of wrestling lovers and successful launched a crowds source card game called “Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultra Brawl”.
Well on the one year anniversary of the property, Josh announce on his twitter that a short film/pilot is indeed in the works with Creative Wales.   
Within that announcement, he did reveal that not only will he be writing and directing the project byt that Nia Alavezos is signed on as a producer and that Sun & Moon Animation is on board for the production.
Josh also revealed a glimpse into the casting (no specific characters yet) but that Budd DiazMickey ZachiliRodney BerryRudy Strong (aka Young Deuces) & Adam Buxton (confirmed as Death Machine) has all been linked to the project.
Further information about the project to come soon. 

Written By: Dark Oct