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About The Artist

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Young Deuces is a student of the game in every sense of the Phrase. Born in Milwaukee, WI as a Military Brat, he saw the world at an early age from the good to the bad to the ugly. Inspired by his Father who was also a Emcee & DJ, Young Deuces started hitting stages early performing at Black History Programs & Talent shows with a a song his father created called “The Dream” a dedication of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

More know for being 1/2 of the Hip-Hop Group Streetz-n-Young Deuces (More known by SNYD) with his cousin Burgie Streetz, the two went on to have a very decorative career working with DJ Drama’s The Aphilliates imprint, winning “Group of the Year” at the Southern Entertainment Awards and appearing in multiple magazine publications across the world.

During his solo journey, Young Deuces received praised for his lyricism, consciousness, music and message. His first solo project, “My Unapologetic Black Thoughts”, was highly received as an accurate depiction of like in today world as a black man. Named “One of Hip-Hop’s Most Important Albums” by Sway’s Universe and heavily supported by RESPECT Magazine, Hip-Hop Weekly, Weekly Rap Gods & More. Going on to work with artist such as Grafh, Michael Christmas, Dear Silas & More.

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